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White Doves team workshop Amelia's Clarkson new ballet score in Belfast

Conductor Jonathan Mann led the Belfast workshop on 21st March. Working with seven local musicians, he workshopped extracts of Amelia Clarkson's score ahead of this summers performances.

Jonathan Mann and the ensemble workshopping the score at Accidental Theatre.

Jonathan and Amelia working together on previous ballet 'Dear Frances' in 2019. Image credit: Juliette Koch.

A work in progress

The timing of this workshop comes as composer Amelia is in the midst of writing her score.

Amelia says, "A workshop is one of the most important parts any writing process. The opportunity to collaborate with and gain insight from the musicians whilst I'm still writing the piece brings me so much clarity and almost acts as a springboard for new ideas."

Scored for seven instrumentalists, the two act score will be performed live at every performances.

Amelia describes her approach, "My main priority as I write the music is finding ways to both distinguish and merge our two different soundworlds. Because. the work is made up of both narrative naturalistic moments and our abstract birds, I've been focussing on ideas of 'earth' and 'sky' in my writing."

This workshop was supported by the Hinrichsen Foundation, a charity founded in 1976 devoted the promotion of new music.

"I'm really grateful to the Hinrichsen Foundation for supporting this aspect of the project. The chance to work closely with Jonathan and the players on these extracts months ahead of the premiere is not one we take for granted, especially in today's climate in the arts."

"This afternoon was honestly one of my favourite days of my career so far."

Watch: workshop extract

Auditions for White Doves are on Saturday 11th March, hosted by High Points Youth Ballet at 24 Alfred St, Belfast, BT2 8EN. More information is available here.


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